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AWESOME underwater images of the lovely Mermaid Helena; absolutely some of the most stunning Aquawomen.com “Supergirl-in-flight” style shots ever captured by Mermaid Tara. These images are so good that it would have been a shame to keep them in that “digital drawer” forever. IMHO, Helena posed for many of the very best “sultry-yet-sophisticated” images that Aquawomen.com has presented. It’s so easy to see exactly why she was able to join the ranks of those fabled “Page Three” girls! And, I’ve said it before: she could be a perfect “Bond girl,” on dry land OR below the surface!


...And Cheers Ladies! And thank you all!

Thank you Craig! And Mermaid Tara! And Mermaid H, who I would delight to see anytime here! In her Oceanline, shall I toss that for consieration?



I have remained silent for many months, but THIS is example why I am still here.

Point, Magnificent Mermaid there is much on your "cutting floor" has yet to see daylight!

Muse, I sing...

Ttime :-O :-O :-O

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