The Scubaliscious Girl & the Water ! Pt 1 - Member Comments

GETTIN’ A LITTLE NAUGHTY IN NEOPRENE! My flabber has been gasted and my gob has been smacked! Here we have the latest example of the kind of photoset that certainly must have come from the mind of a daydreaming scubaphile, and can only be executed by a classically geared scuba diver as perfectly gorgeous as Mermaid Porchia!

I just love the way that this set goes from flirty to bawdy, and right at image 20 shows the lovely Mermaid P. presenting the “I.D.” of a naughty Naiad. Come to think of it, someone looking as young as Porchia probably gets asked to show her I.D. for proof of age quite a bit in real life. This is a problem I’m certain is common to a lot of underwater models; really, swimming not only keeps you fit, it also effectively keeps you young...believe it! Ever see the movie “Cocoon?” ‘Nuff said.

Essentially, this set is an instant scubaphile classic, and definitely is so good that I’m sure many of us would love more from this shoot to be seen. Thanks to Mermaids Porchia & Tara for presenting results that prove once again that this website OWNS the concept of “scubalicious” and make some us at least “feel” young whenever we view images as great as these!


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