Mermaid in a Fish Net ! The Video - Member Comments

Well, the still images from this “fishnet diveskin” scenario that appeared on this website back in June definitely made for one of the best-ever Mermaid Elise scuba photosets, hands down. Not unexpectedly, we’re now presented with a video take on the theme and once again it really does turn out to be nothing less than SPECTACULAR!

In addition to being an “up close and personal” look at the beautiful Elise in constant underwater motion, wearing classic scuba along with one of the most erotic divesuits we’ve ever seen, this video also proves to be another “loverly” demonstration of her scuba finesse. And, as if to please those of us who prefer lots of action in underwater clips, it’s almost like she’s going through a submerged dance-aerobics routine in this one!

There are other instances of’s Mermaids posing in this type of outfit (I particularly recall the very lovely Mermaid Fifi doing an unforgettable one here back in 2010!), but when the model involved in any scenario like this happens to be Elise, it seems to always turn out to be among the very best. She’s amazing, always managing to take things to a new level and demonstrating exactly why she is such the constant aquaphile fave!

Aquaphiles, whether they prefer scubagirls or not, are sure to be captivated by Elise’s outfit and fascinated by her underwater swimming in this seven-and-one third minutes video. Scuba fans OTOH, will notice that she decides to go “sans reg” at only 15 seconds into the action, and her classic USD second stage seems to be “lonely” for a large percentage of time during the rest of the video!

KUDOS to for this video, and well done! I’d say it definitely did make my pulse race; the perfect follow-up to that previous “fishnet” image set! It just amazes me how you’ve managed to capture Elise’s beautiful eyes despite the obstacles posed by the deep volume of that somewhat “porcine” old-school TABATA scuba mask with such a huge purge valve. Many of those kinds of dive mask designs were decidedly “homely” and hated by u/w photographers, and I know there were sport divers who called them “Ford Edsel dive masks.” (For anyone who’s never heard of the Edsel, it was an American car with an exterior "nose" design that was considered unappealing by almost everyone who saw it, which led to a massive automobile marketing failure, a hilarious but true story definitely worth googling--especially if you’re also interested in vintage cars!)


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