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Fab, Elise looks great in Rubber


I absolutely love the Hydroglove videos and I hope to see more. The clarity of the video is splendid and mermaid Elise sure does make it look good. Hopefully, Aquawomen will get two girls in Hygrogloves together, not unlike the 'Best Scuba Diving Buddies' video, but totally enclosed in rubber instead. Add rubber gloves and I'd definitely pay to see that!


…”Heads up to Ttime: just wait ‘til you see her remove her reg and practice some ‘bubblery’ in THIS one…!”

Well, subby, for me all that bulky black rubber must be an acquired taste. As I said before, kinda like learning to eat bugs:

…OK. It is a freakishly huge Mantis Shrimp. And it could probably punch my lights out with those transonic clobbering appendages that they have. But it is STILL. A. BUG. Res ipsa loquitur…

And good luck getting him onto a stick with some cocktail sauce, by the way! LOL! I’d pay money to watch them try while he’s still alive & kicking! Especially if they’d gotten well into their “boat beer…”

…But bulky rubber suit & big aquabugs notwithstanding, a day without Mermaid Elise breathholding & bubbling is like a day without sunshine. :-(

Ttime :-)

Very playful love that :-)


HYDRO-LOVE! This is one very FANTASTIC clip, virtually certain to rock all the worlds of the scubaphile fans of Mermaid Elise! It’s one of’s very best classic vintage gear video efforts to date! What’s more, those who tend to be thrilled by the image that can be projected by a beautiful, seriously geared up “head-to-toe black-rubber-clad” frogwoman swimming underwater will adore the way she looks here. They may even end up so enchanted by her great scuba “finesse” and cute underwater antics in this clip that they’ll instantly be smitten with the gorgeous Elise; in which case guys...I’d like to say: welcome to the club!

Despite Mermaid Tara’s warning in the introduction, I went ahead and watched this without battening down all hatches and closing all watertight doors, and I now feel the need to warn all scubaphile fans of Mermaid Elise once again: the content of this video may induce widespread head-spinning scubaphile giddiness tonight!

Once again with this clip, we get to see Elise display her perfect scuba skills, and once again she actually looks more at home underwater than many dive instructors. I know it’s because of her steel cylinder, but it just blows me away how she’s able to get “neutral” without wearing any lead along with that drysuit! And at 06.18, she even does an underwater handstand! Heads up to Ttime: just wait ‘til you see her remove her reg and practice some “bubblery” in THIS one!

If you enjoyed the photoset with Elise in this same serious dive kit (“Black, Bad and Rubber Clad”) from this site back in June as much as I did, you probably have been waiting in anticipation for this video. Believe me, this will not disappoint you!

Unlike it so often can be with drysuits, in this case it’s easy to instantly determine that there’s a very lovely young woman diver in THIS drysuit! Not only does she “do things for the suit,” you’ll even see how she actually does things TO the suit that may surprise and even delight you! I’m betting that the “rubberist” crowd among us will be mesmerized by those cute “snapping” noises that the latex makes when Elise goes all “OCD” and keeps tugging on her HydroGlove! If she insists on doing this kind of thing to the gear, I’m afraid that will need to acquire an anti-shark steel mesh dive suit! On second thought, they’ve probably already got one.

Those aquaphiles among us who might not be the biggest fans of scuba will nevertheless rejoice when they see just how long a time Elise spends with her regulator out and mask doffed. At those points in the video, it’s just astonishing how completely gorgeous she looks underwater while maskless in the full drysuit and hood! This is something that has been presented before on this website. It’s always marvelous to see, and I’ve not found another site that has ever quite been able to do anything like it!

In all: eight minutes and twenty seconds of scubalicious video genius from the folks at! And it’s not only their equipment that overheated; with clips like this one and a Mermaid like Elise, I think I may need to start regularly packing my monitor in dry ice!


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