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Hi All.....fans of the classic bathing cap look will probably want to place this one among their all-time faves!

Hey subby....so true. Definitely my all time fave of Elise swimming graciously attired in her vintage bathing cap and classic swimsuit.

Black & white combos always rock, Elise does more for it though!!!

Well done TEAM....I gaze in awe......


BLISS IN THE POOL! This is nearly seven full minutes of what might aptly be called “Elise-ian paradise” for aquaphiles, and for anyone else who might enjoy watching one of the most beautiful models on the planet as she swims happily underwater! It’s Mermaid Elise at her submerged best, and without doubt it’s one of Aquawomen.com’s very best “swimgirl” video clips to date!

Not only does it serve as a showcase of this gorgeous Mermaid’s great swim skills, this clip also is at once so playful and so sexy that it will be more than just Elise who’s smiling throughout. Also, fans of the classic bathing cap look will probably want to place this one among their all-time faves!

Ttime is SO right about those underwater “vocalizations!” They’re definitely yet another aspect of her underwater performance here guaranteed to make you swoon, especially that lovely submerged “sigh” at 01.45, and her “bye-bye” to us towards the end of the clip at 06.35. Personally, I do have to admit that I resisted the urge to say “bye-bye” back to my screen (that kind of thing just causes my friends and family to worry about me...), but I know that I DID sigh audibly several times while viewing this! Actually, I think I do that practically everytime I see her image on this site!

Thanks to Aquawomen.com for a video so cool, so fun, and so beautifully done, that it’s truly worthy of that recent “S2000” photoset!


”…The important things are always simple…”

“…The simple things are never easy…”

Oh, but they are such a huuuuuuuuuuuuge turn-on!
Aren't they? Yes!

Like a girl in a swimsuit. And a swimcap. Swimming… and even talking… underwater.


If a girl likes to swim (with voluptuous vocalizations, even!), a guy should like to watch.

Yes? Yes. Especially at Aquawomen.

And each Aquawoman™ has certain suits, caps, gear, etc. that look ”E”specially good on her.

Yes. (No question marks there.)

This outfit is especially pleasing on our most PlElisingly Piscine Princess.


Could the world possibly get any better? No.

Recalling the recent still gallery too, she’s in my Zone. Really. Of all the things that make Aquawomen so app"E"ling, some things you just can’t put your finger on. Or maybe you can, but you just don’t want to keep blabbering about it. A guy should know when to just shut up and gaze in awe & admiration.

I guess it’s all about That Thing You Do.

So there you have it. Thank you for you, Mermaids E and T. Always.


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