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Oh Mermaid E. And T. This video was most decidedly worth the wait!

Best Aquawomen video to date? Could be. The competition is… er, quite stiff. (Forgive me. I just could not resist.
Edit those cute little nose pinches? Never, Mermaid T. Never. Don’t Change For You. Don’t Change A Thing For Me…

Being a man of a certain age, I certainly appreciate those close ups around 4:43 & 5:20! Perhaps y’all have a swimsuit with the eye test chart on the front? I’d certainly pass, without my “specs” even! ;-)

And her underwater kiss at the end? Y’all know the drill by now:

Yup. They had to bring practically the entire hospital along this time. But hey, vintage swimsuit? Vintage helicopter? (Check out those dayglo orange flight suits!) Consistent with the theme, yes?

Really. The photo gallery was outstanding. But to have Mermaid Elise in “live action” cavorting with the camera like this brings it up (Oops! Another Freudian slip there. Just can’t help myself…) another level entirely. A big beautiful UW “hi” At the beginning. And her fluttering “Eye Lishes™” at the end! :-O :-O :-O Only video can do her justice here.

OK. I need to exercise my decisiveness here. Best Aquawomen video to date. Yes. Definitely.

I’ll go one step further. Not only has Enchanting Elise™ brought the Jantzen Girl to life, but even Esther would be jealous. Yes! Really! I’m serious. Not even MGM with all their production “firepower” could top this! I am just so “wowed” and smitten. Really. I’d click a jillion “thumbs up” if I could.

THANK YOU FOR YOU MERMAIDS E & T! YOU’RE CLASSIC! (Yes. Now “officially…” ;-)

Ttime :-)

Had a bit of a mishap I’m afraid. Excruciating pain to type. Thought some of y’all might find that karmically humorous :-) Can’t say much. Lots of very nice drugs. And Japanese scotch . Yes! Really! An offense to Nature! Saw the vid. Beautiful job E & T!



I just cannot stop watching this totally awesome video !
For me it is simply the most incredible, beautiful, erotic, sexy piece of underwater footage I have ever witnessed. When I was much younger I could only ever dream of seeing anything such as this, but then in those days who could ever have anticipated anything as amazing as Aquawomen.
Elise is perfection, there is no other way to put it, she is pure perfection! Yes, I am a bathing cap fan but this is much more than that, the combination of Elise and Aquawomen is so powerful that I am just in total awe!
And those two scenes that Subby mentions , well !*!**!***!*!****!**!!!!!!
I have one of them as a screensaver which was a very silly thing to do really as now, I just sit and look at the screen without being able to work.
Elise is so beautiful in every picture you see of her but, when wearing a bathing cap like this, her gorgeous face is somehow accentuated to even a greater beauty.
Subby is so right , no-one else could ever perform and capture scenarios like this so perfectly.
Thank you so much Tara, Elise and team.
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SEE THAT GIRL, WATCH THIS SCENE, DIGGIN’ THE JANTZEN QUEEN (with apologies to Swedish golden oldies music fans)! Bathing cap lovers, and fans the classic 20th-Century image of the athletic woman swimmer, will likely put this video right up at the top of their all-time faves. It features the very look of the classic Jantzen logo “nailed” exactly here, an image that represents what so many aquaphiles really LOVE about the way that women swimmers looked “back in the day.”

No-one else but could have possibly done this video so well. And, is there any model but Elise who could have ever pulled off this look so accurately once again? She might well be the hardest working underwater model on the Internet these days, and the reason is obvious--she is the BEST. She is the very Mermaid who continues to enrapture so many of us, and watching this video, you can clearly see why!

Anyone on Earth who might not already be familiar with what a complete NATURAL Elise is in the water will be totally convinced when they view this. It’s an amazing clip, five minutes and fifty seconds of a beautiful young female athlete swimming gracefully, with a smile that lights up the pool, and a scenario viewed from the perfect vantage point underwater. This is some of’s BEST video work ever, with the reds of her swimsuit and ‘cap coming through especially well, and “Mr. Sun” even making a welcome appearance, filtering down from the surface to add a very appropriate dreamlike enhancement to the clip. Though she has performed this persona before in still images, Elise has never looked more beautiful as the Jantzen Girl as she does here.

Whatever you do, do NOT miss her Mermaid kisses at 4:42 and 5:33; you may find yourself wishing you were an underwater video housing. I sure did, but I will resist making any jokes about “flooding myself” here. Even though this clip runs the better part of six minutes, it’s so darn good that it seems to race by as if it’s much shorter; this really looks like it was a very fun and quite intense workout!

TTime: “...I could never grow tired of seeing Mermaid Elise... I am always happy to see her. And her Jantzen Girl series is absolutely one of my favourite vintage sets.” Same here, and that’s “sayin’ somethin’” for me, ‘cos I tend to be so much more or a “gear head.” But THIS is just SO beautifully classic. Swim styles will no doubt continue to evolve and change, but I think I’ll NEVER get tired of this kind of image, and I KNOW I’ll never get tired of seeing Elise!

“...never be the first on your block to own any of the following:
-The first model of a new car
-The next generation of consumer electronics
-The initial release of a “toy” simulation airplane...”

LOL! You can add to that:
-The first version of any Microsoft operating system
-The latest model of rebreather

Hope you get your Internet connection back up to speed soon, Ttime! I guarantee that you’ll be totally “plElised” with every second of this video!


Complain? COMPLAIN??? Perish even the thought of the thought, Mermaid T!!!!!!

How many times has Mermaid Elise indulged my weird little weirdnesses? My kinky little kinks? Shall I count the ways…? Ummmm, no. I’m sure y’all don’t want to read all about THAT again.

Seriously. So uniquely plElising to the senses. And such a dedicated Super Duper Aquatrooper™ too! How could anyone in their right mind possibly tire of seeing her!?!?!? (No. That wasn’t a rubber suit joke.)

Certainly not I! …No. That’s not what I meant! Are you questioning my mental state? Well, OK. I meant that I could never grow tired of seeing Mermaid Elise… I am always happy to see her. And her Jantzen Girl series is absolutely one of my favourite vintage sets.

The only thing I can complain about is my #@%^#!?*&! third world internet service, which is hindering me from downloading this video during my lifetime. In fact, there are third world countries with better internet service than I have. There are also struggling pre-cellular amoeba-like life forms on Pluto that have better internet service than I have. (We know this because NSA has been covertly monitoring their e-mail…)

So I am stuck. For now. Tinkering with my new vintage “toy” airplane to get the effects to work the way I want them to. Sad. Sadsadsadsadsad. Never be the first on your block to own any of the following:

-The first model of a new car
-The next generation of consumer electronics
-The initial release of a “toy” simulation airplane

I hope that was helpful.

Thank you Mermaids E and T. I will try to see your v-v-v-v-video later… :-(


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