Uploaded again on 10/27/14 - A Mermaid in a Fish Net - The Video ! - Member Comments

Hello bottomfeeder,
It all checks out OK here and I have already heard from other members who can download it fine ?
If you are still having problems please let me know ?


IE doesn't download, as of 4:13PM US, 11/1/14


THE “NET” EFFECT HERE IS AWESOME! When the photoset version of this scenario was first presented some months ago, I distinctly recall making a comment wondering how on Earth anyone could possibly ever top it (and, to think: there’s still a “part 2” photoset yet to come!). And, guess what? The Aquawomen.com folks have actually topped their own original photoset with THIS video, which plays out as nearly seven minutes of scubaphile heaven!

Wait ‘til you see Elise swimming in scuba “real time” in her incredible bodysuit (believe me, she is indeed in scuba here, but for certain reasons you might not even notice her dive gear while you’re viewing this clip)! If you loved seeing her kitted up this way when you saw that very memorable photoset, you’ll be even MORE amazed when you watch this video. Everything about this one, from her usual “trademark” display of excellent scuba skills, to her dreamlike moves underwater, to the way that outfit becomes her, seem destined to make this the all-time fave scuba video of many scubaphiles.

Elise does seem to possess some of the most amazing scuba skills of any of the Aquawomen.com underwater models, as this clip clearly shows. As we’ve seen many times, she’s never very shy or hesitant about removing her dive mask, or taking her reg mouthpiece out underwater. Few women on Earth will ever be able to look as hot as Elise while scuba diving, but of course few women on Earth are anything close to as beautiful as she constantly proves to be.

Scubaphiles--do not miss THIS one. It’s beyond our wildest dreams! The Aquawomen.com team definitely “took things up a notch” when they put this scenario together, and it really shows! In fact, it “shows” every bit as stunningly as this spectacular Mermaid’s fantastic mesh divesuit, which itself really does excel in showing us some...things!

I just downloaded this clip and it works PERFECTLY now, so whatever problem there was earlier with downloads has definitely been resolved! Thanks to the incredible folks at Aquawomen.com for this video!


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