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Okay Ttime, cool! I love work pranks when they’re feasible, (and this is THE month for them!) and the greatest ones are those that make the victim laugh as much as the perpetrator(s). Google the term “neutron cream” in case you haven’t yet heard about that one yet; you’ll love it!

Oh, and since you’re in the aviation business:

I know this is just a photoshop workup that’s been all over the ‘net, but I think it’s as funny as the “frog woman” shots that you put up! IIRC, someone posted it ages ago as a “Fly Air Canada” prank ad or something like that. Really brings a new meaning to those lyrics “...feeling like a dead duck...” or rather, one that’s about be ingested into a Pratt & Whitney JT8D in about 2.5 seconds!

I’ve really gotta get back to watching that “Mermaids in Black Neoprene” clip again; just can’t get enough of it!



Hi subby. Thanks! Neck/arm/shoulder all healed now. Internet still is what it is. :-P Sometimes better. Sometimes worse. Busy as all heck, though.

Honestly, no. Had no idea you were a big fan of Jethro Tull! With a song title like “Aqualung” it wouldn’t be too surprising if there are many fans around here(?) As it happens, I was listening to my Jethro Tull songs last night at the time & I saw that Tara had posted the video. Couldn’t resist…

And I should add a footnote to my little anecdote, lest it be taken in the wrong context, that in my industry it’s not unusual to send our novitiates in search of items such as “500 yards of flight line;” a “bucket of jet wash;” or a “tube of squelch.” Never mean-spirited, nor into potentially hazardous circumstances (like literally out onto the flight line) of course, but it’s part of the “rite of passage.” Just about everybody in the business (including yours’ truly) has been the victim of such a prank at one time or another. …Though it took more sophistication than a “bucket of jet wash” to hook me in! ;-P As it was in this case. “Jethro Tull” just happened into events casually at the time and we seized the moment, as it were…

But I digress! Glad you like! And agreed, extra points added for talking underwater! Something “The Girls” might be willing to incorporate more into future videos…? (applicable for scuba and non-scuba)


Ttime: LOL! Amazing! HOW on Earth could you have POSSIBLY known that I’m a huge Tull fan and totally love that song? How did ya ever figure it out? Have you hacked into my account or something? Or could it be...

Totally by coincidence, of course, is the fact that Aqualung logos can be seen on the back of my Saturn, on one of my hats, and all over my office at work, and even on the ‘fridge at home as well as all over the place inside my garage. I even thought about getting one as a “tat” once, but I was told to forget about it and “go have (my) midlife crisis some other way” or else the Coroner would be puzzling over the meaning of that little double-hose logo found on my corpse sometime in the very near future.

Thanks for your translation effort, but I think I’m gonna have to call a friend who works for the “gubmint” these days down in Langley, VA. I’d guess he’s probably been idle since the funding shutdown, so perhaps he can use his special “resources” to filter and process whatever it is that Hayley is saying underwater. It still sounds something like “ur-yew-urgh-blurb-urb” to me!

Hope things are good again and your Internet connection has made it back up to speed! I can’t wait to see what all the other scuba fans around here like bc, Mike Nelson, skippy, Ian, etc., thought about this video! I know you’re not the biggest fan of scuba, but this one just gets SO amazing after 03:15 when Elise takes off her mask and then removes her regulator mouthpiece, and then HAYLEY TALKS UNDERWATER(!), and those playful looks we see on their faces...oh man, this is AWESOME. Okay, that’s enough from me. I’d better go now, I’ve only watched this about fifteen times now and my head’s STILL spinning! WOO-HOO!

(Forgive me, but this video TOTALLY got to me! Beautiful Mermaids in sleek wetsuits and classic scuba gear, sexily playing and even TALKING underwater! I think the folks at have found my “Achilles' heel!”)


…And karmically it seems that the joke is now on me! Apparently that was the narrative. Here’s the song!

Ttime :-P

No translator needed, subby ol’ friend. Clearly Mermaid Hayley said that she ”lubs” you! As did Mermaid Elise, too. Didn’t catch that? Oops. I wasn’t supposed to say that, was I? No worries! That’s what your “wingman” is for, eh? ;-)

OK. Kidding. I just like the song title.

One of my ”work spouses,” a most prettily capable and serious young lady in her 20’s at the time, once overheard m’colleague and I discussing Jethro Tull. Being COMPLETELY unfamiliar, she asked who he was. Without so much as blinking, I replied that he was a hydraulics engineer from whom I’d had some difficulty extracting requirements documentation, and mentioned that perhaps she could sway him if only she would go appeal to him in person (3 or 4 buildings away, where we keep our test stands & other “orphaned” hardware. A ratherdark & quiet place most of the time…)

Oh. Did I mention that I have a sense of humour? Yes. Really. I know “y’all” wouldn’t believe it from my stern and professional demeanor. But I do. Sometimes.
Unfortunately she was not amused…

Ttime ;-)

REAL MERMAIDS WEAR BLACK! This video, featuring those gorgeous subjects of the fantastic recent scuba photoset, is a classic scubaphile’s dream in motion--and much, much more! IMHO, this is one of the most delightful two-girl scuba clips this site has produced, and has certainly amassed quite a “track record” in that category! What I found particularly enjoyable about this clip is how obvious it is that Mermaids Hayley and Elise are completely at ease in scuba underwater. Here are two of’s most attractive divers kitted up in some beautifully classic dive gear, wearing exactly the kind of smooth black neoprene wetsuits that are sure to drive many longtime scuba fans absolutely wild.

If you liked Hayley and Elise in their aforementioned photoset, do not miss this video! Even though there’s no “naughty stuff” in the clip, you do get the sexy spectacle of two extremely hot and very friendly scubagirl dive buddies happily swimming and playing with each other underwater. It’s very much evident that they had lots of fun making this clip--and that definitely makes it all the more thrilling.

This one is a definite “keeper” for me. It’s six and a half excitingly “scubalicious” minutes that feel like they zoom by a lot quicker than that; yet it features many charming, cute, and amazing moments that I just have to keep watching over and over again! Both Elise and Hayley project utterly stunning presences underwater throughout the video. There are great sequences, including some maskless ones with Elise at 03:06 (and since we’re talking about Elise, she also keeps that classic regulator mouthpiece out for quite a while shortly after that, of course). But the “big wow” for me definitely comes at 04:30, while both girls have their regulators out, and I swear it seems that Hayley TALKS UNDERWATER!!! I have no idea what the hell she was trying to say, but perhaps Ttime or someone else out there can speak “bubblese” and translate for us. It’s definitely one of the most adorable things I’ve seen underwater since the kitten fell into our fish tank (don’t worry, the cat’s fine now and you’d be amazed at just how well a young feline is able to swim). Finally, don’t miss it at 06:18, when we all get a “double simultaneous Mermaids’ underwater kiss” blown towards our screens.

Simply put, this is an outstanding scuba video that’s so tasteful, so authentic, and so well-done, that it could only have come from this site; and so good that only this site can ever hope to “top” it. Thanks to the folks at for another great clip!


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