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hayley and elise certainly have fun underwater together, hayley now seems to love scuba and elise is so perfect underwater and is a amazing mermaid, love the bikinis and the masks - thanks to tara , all the team and especially thanks to hayley and elise


BUDDY SISTAHS! This is a FANTASTIC underwater exploration video! That is to say, it’s two of’s most beautiful Mermaids, underwater in scuba, exploring each other’s... er, gear. Yep. Really. Both stunning scubagirls follow proper buddy diving procedure and make sure their equipment is properly secure, especially their bikinis and the “natural buoyancy compensators” underneath the swimwear, so you might say that this also serves as an instructional video as well!

There’s so much to love about this 6-1/2 minute scuba clip! After getting started, at around 0:37... WAIT! Is this going to be another one of those VAMPIRE movies? Oh, never mind--it’s just the “underwater bikini strap tension/dental stress test!” And both divers pass their parts of it with flying colors! Hayley shows us that she has the perfect assets for bikini scuba, and a tendency towards neutral buoyancy! Lots of cute “strap grabbin’” goes on here, and as usual, Elise proves once again that she doesn’t seem to need to use her regulator very much, just another giveaway of her secret identity as a REAL Mermaid! Some very cute closeups and “scubaquabatics” also take place all throughout this video, and watch for 04:15, at which point you will learn what it might be like to get karate-chopped in the face by Elise! She even does an underwater handstand at 05:30! And, just wait ‘til you see Hayley and Elise having a submerged smootch at 06:05!

Really though, this is one of the classiest--and among the best--erotic two-girl bikini scuba videos I can remember, and believe me, I can access LOTS of such videos because I happen to have a very large hard drive. (Attention Ttime: please feel free to insert joke here!) We have seen that Mermaids Hayley and Elise always do look thoroughly SMASHING in scuba individually; having them together in gear while they get VERY familiar with each other underwater just produces the hottest looking results possible!

So if you’re a fan of beautiful “underwater exploration” videos, don’t wait to see this on the National Geographic Channel, because you’ll only see it here. And, KUDOS to for much-improved videography in this one. The colors REALLY came through in this clip, especially in the masks, swimwear, and skin tones! Oh, and about that regulator whistle? It IS getting a bit old, but it’s no great problem if one keeps the sound at low level. For anyone listening to this vid on headphones, it might be an issue.

This clip definitely rates as “doubly scubalicious,” and it’s another case of an video where the gear looks absolutely perfect on the Mermaids, and the scenario resembles a common scubaphile dream. But IMHO, practically ANY guy who grew up in the bikini scuba era will love this clip, scubaphile or not.


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