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Hi subby. Thanks for your comments. I am indeed using IE. It is only happening with this particular video set!

I can download any of the others, no problem. I tried my Laptop as well as my I-Pad but same problem occurs.

Maybe I need to move residence.....hee haa!!!

I will just confine myself with looking into Elise's beautiful eyes. Mebbe she jumps out.....nah..forget it!



VERY impressive!



Hey bc! It could be a problem with your browser! Are you using Internet Explorer? Is it happening when you try to download ANY vid? Try this: move the cursor right into the middle of the blue “Q” to the left of the photo of Elise, where it says “MPEG-4 Video (.mp4)” and click it there. If it still keeps on trying to save it as an html document, your browser is not capturing the link properly for some reason. A few years ago, my IE files got corrupted somehow and something like your problem was happening to me. I solved it by upgrading to the next version of IE that came out at that time. Hope this can help you! This one downloaded perfectly for me.


Hi Tara, thanks for info. Yes, I do have latest Quicktime player istalled but wnen trying to ''save target as'', it reverts to an HTML document and not the media file player!

Hopefully we will see some stills from this set as well??? Just cannot accept that I am gonna miss out on this magic set!!!! :-(


Want to see her in complicated breathing gear/gasmask/rebreather etc. Are there such plans?


Hello bc,
You shouldn't have to not be able to see it ?
Do you have a current Quicktime player installed ?
If not, you can download it off of any of our specific video pages
Otherwise, you can always try Videolan that can usually play any type of file on PC or a Mac ?

Please let me know how you get on ?



Alas, I am unable to download this video as it keeps trying to open as an HTML document and not as a media file. What a pity :( :-(


Hey Tara,

So good to be back, feeling much better and what some goodies I have to catch up on!!!!!

I totally agree subby, Elise really is something special isn't she?
So many times, when I gaze endlessly at the mind-blowing array of pictures that this site continually produces of her, I see a modern day version of Zale Parry in so many ways.

This video certainly is Elise at her best.

M Nelson

SHE OWNS SCUBA SCENES WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE...THAT DARING YOUNG WOMAN SCUBAPHILES LOVE, ELISE!!! Scuba videos presented by and featuring Mermaid Elise have often been very memorable and sometimes even ground breaking, particularly for those of us aquaphiles who love to see gorgeous women in scuba. There are truly only a very few women on Earth as beautiful as Elise, but whenever we get to see this blonde aqua-goddess geared up in dive kit, something amazing often happens--and it does in this video, too. Elise always seems to look as if she was born to wear scuba gear and appears to be more at home when she’s using it at depth than any other underwater model.

There are some aquaphiles who always prefer to see their fantasy women in the water WITHOUT scuba. You’ll hear them making the argument that “it hides their beauty,” or they’ll say something like “a woman can’t look feminine wearing scuba” But, in this case, you can forget all about those arguments. Elise’s beauty just CANNOT be hidden or diminished by dive gear, whether light or heavy. There are a combination of things at work here, much of them related to her confidence and her moves, which she always seem to project with the authentic aura of a scuba professional or veteran diver. She has never resembled merely a casual newbie or ”pretty novice in gear” in any of her videos. Put Elise in virtually any kind of dive kit, and I guarantee you that she’ll own the scenario in short order. That kind of thing is not only just amazing for someone so young and attractive to be able to do--it’s totally remarkable for ANYONE to be able to pull off, like watching a highly talented actor play his or her role as if “born to it.”

Stunning as ever in full black neoprene, she’s bound to also drive the swimcap crowd totally WILD with this vid. Underneath her wetsuit hood, she teases them by wearing a cute purple ‘cap! I just love this effect, because it just looks so much like something you’d see on a serious female scuba diver in real life.

As with the previous photoset, we see Elise here demonstrating mask flooding/removal and replacement/clearing skills, the stuff of basic scuba instruction; but here we also get to see it done in “real time.” WARNING: as you’re watching this it is important to do as she does and be sure to remember to exhale! If you noticed a loud noise at 1:47, that was NOT me fainting; I’m proud to say that I was actually able to remain conscious until much later into the video than that! Fans of cute/sexy bubble-blowing (hey Ttime CHECK IT OUT!) are also going to go absolutely crazy over this one!

Thanks to Elise and for another video that will just cause the breathing of scubaphiles everywhere to become faster and their heart rates to skyrocket. Like I said guys, remember to exhale! We all need to stick around to see just how this website is ever going to top THIS one!


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