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...And my last comment posting didn't sound quite right either, so I'd better just shut up & move on before I really get into trouble here...

Ttime :-O

...Oh. And that last song link was meant only in the strictest possible context, lest the song title give you wrong ideas about me...

Ttime :-O

…And speaking of tire humor (that’s “humour” for “y’all” over there) and potentially plElising nakedness underneath, might I add that I’d really love to peel out with her???

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This pun actually occurred to me last night in this part of the world. Yes. Really. But it was late, I was “tired,” and I forgot to actually type it…)

Ttime ;-)

“…I daresay it should easily put my friend Ttime in touch with his ‘inner tube’ (sorry, someone had to say it, hope you’re not getting ‘tired’ with this kind of lame joke)…”

Elise naked? TMI…? I. THINK. NOT!

”…in fact, a good case can be made that that a wetsuit works better ‘skin to skin…’”

Well, let’s certainly hope she didn’t do anything rash…

Ttime :-)

HOLY SHHHHHH. . . , ER. . . I’ve been QUIET lately? Well maybe just a bit, except for the banshee-like scream of joy that I just let out after downloading and viewing this FANTASTIC and absolutely pneumatic heavy scuba video!!! If you love to watch gorgeous, seriously geared-up frogwomen, this one might soon be at the top of your “faves!”

For fans of scuba, this clip is downright stunning, and it could ONLY have come from, the very website that so often is able to show that it has the power to consistently and totally thrill scubaphiles, frogwoman aficiandos, heavy gear fans, maybe even inflation freaks, and somehow, perhaps even a few motor racing fans. Well, anyway this clip sure starts my own “motor racing,” and that’s for sure. . . and even though it’s heavy rubber and scuba, I daresay it should easily put my friend Ttime in touch with his “inner tube” (sorry, someone had to say it, hope you’re not getting “tired” with this kind of lame joke).

The video opens with Elise patiently waiting for us on the bottom of the pool; and then she starts to beautifully show off her best scuba skills as the camera pans in, making for so many great moments that scuba fans will love to watch during the seven minute clip. It’s purely “classic Elise” (including that high power smile she's always able to display whenever she takes her reg out--which of course, she does frequently!) And she's once again a vision in classic gear, kitted up in a "serious-business" pro drysuit, and demonstrating some really entertaining “frogwoman bubble blowing,” as well as the basic scuba skills of mask removal and clearing (we’ve seen her do this before, but never quite as hotly as she does it here!). At 02.43 she will convince you that no woman has ever looked so stunning while taking off a classic scuba mask underwater. Heavy gear fans: she definitely knows how to “dive the gear!”. . . just watch her use her LP inflator to ascend as she waves “bye-bye” to you at the end of the video! In all, it’s another perfect demonstration of exactly why the incredible Mermaid Elise has been, and continues to be, the frogwoman “fave” of so many of this site’s scuba lovers!

So. . .Elise was NAKED under her drysuit when this was shot?!?! Well, even though there will be some out there who might say that this is “too much information,” I personally just have to say. . .OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! That fact definitely adds something to the clip even if it’s not immediately obvious when you watch it. Now, a beautiful woman naked under a wetsuit? Nah, nothing unusual about that—in fact, a good case can be made that that a wetsuit works better “skin to skin.” But a beautiful woman— and, not only JUST any beautiful woman, but none other than the extreme beauty called Elise—naked under a DRYSUIT? OH YES! OH MY GOD! The mind boggles with endless possibities: naughty underwater welding, cheeky clearance diving, an ice dive at a nude beach, etc. Way to start our minds wandering, folks! THANKS for this one.

P.S.: I took a road trip out to a vintage dive gear rally last week. You might be surprised at how many guys who were there now have this website in their favorites on their smartphone browsers!


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