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Poetry In Motion!

How about that HAIR, ladies? Huh? Yup! Mine’s JUST like that! Yes!

(…Well, almost. Hey, I’m still a “brunette!” ;-)

Right on guys (remarks below)! Video adds that magical motion element to a fantastic stills gallery! LOVE the underwater floatsy effect of her skirt too!

All my comments from the stills gallery applicable here too, of course.

…Looks like we had a little wardrobe “slipple” ~4:30? ;-D ;-D ;-D

Not as if I would mind! Oh, no! NOT. AT. ALL! (FLIRT! :-)


Ttime ;-)

Elise was practically SPILLING out of that costume!! Bubbles! I just LOVE bubbles!!!


Wobble, wobble....still recovering from the gorgeous picture set with Elise wearing her sexy black bathing suit and and pink bathing cap combo and we now have to deal with THE VIDEO.....

Wobble, wobble, echo Subby's comments too...omw....

SEXY-seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative, tempting, tantalizing = ELISE

Wobble....wobble.... = ME

Aquawomen.com = amazing, fantastic, mind-blowing performances one after the other....

ME= ♡♥ to Elise, Tara and all the TEAM .. xx


This clip is full of so much energy! It presents a cheerful throwback look at the woman swimmer as she appeared over fifty years ago. It could well make some of us actually regret that we were born a few years too late to have fully appreciated the way that women looked when they headed for the pool or beach “way back when.”

Mermaid Elise, always totally gorgeous no matter what era she happens to dress for, happily shows off her swimming skills on video for us while authentically dressed in the standard feminine swim style of the day from over half a century ago--those days when most women wore suits exactly as we see here, and virtually none of them went anywhere near the water WITHOUT bathing caps. The rubber ‘cap fans (as well as the legions of Elise fans) are sure to be in “seventh heaven” these days, with this lovely video arriving so soon after the first photoset with her this outfit.

Thanks to Aquawomen.com for this great “swimgirl” video! What a performance! Seven-and-a-half minutes of sexy, exhilarating underwater fun conducted by your very best Mermaid, a young lady who always excites and captivates us with her abilities in each and every photoset and video she does--and for some reason practically makes ME faint whenever she does her little “trademark” move that can be seen at 6.45. OTOH, all of the “bubble lovers” out there will likely be the ones swooning when they catch how this one ends!


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