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C. Hunt

Elise Elise Elise......WOW.

I must acknowledge, this must be the most erotic underwater video that I have ever experienced. As for the close-ups, how did the cameraman stay focused?? I am green with envy!!

Gonna cum knocking on Aquawomen.com door one of these days to apply for that job ;-).

The one piece swimsuit is a wonderful retro style suit that Elise fills magnificently. It accentuates her natural curves and lithe body beautifully.

The white vintage bathing cap with the petal motif is a true collector item. Mine arrived last week so I'm sure Tara & co had some insight into that transaction??

The selected scuba gear also adds to the retro theme, I just love the way Elise clears her mask repeatedly...yes I was watching that and not looking elsewhere!!!!

This set moves straight to NUMERO UNO on my Aquawomen.com fave list and I am sure it will be top of my hit parade for a very long while indeed ;-)

Can't wait to see the compilation set to follow withoit the scuba as Tara mentioned. You sure know how to get the guys going hey Tara??

Wow. Thank you Elise...for this amazing video. Thanx to Tara for posting the vid. Thanks to Mr. Cameraman for staying focused!


Downloading video....based on the other members comments, I can't wait to view it.....more later ;-)


For all of us scubaphile fans of SEA HUNT, a video thatís SO brilliant--and so authentic looking--that the only thing that could make it better would be if Aquawomen.com could have somehow brought back the late Lloyd Bridges to narrate it! Canít you just image how it would go: ď...I was at sixty feet, getting low on air. Suddenly, I saw another diver--a girl--having some kind of trouble with her swimsuit! I had to act fast...Ē

I have to admit it, Iím someone who has watched and loved the re-runs of that series all of my life; and of course, wanted to be ďjust like MikeĒ (Nelson) when I grew up. Well, some might argue that I didnít grow up, but at least Iíve got all of the episodes on DVD, and even own some other SH-related memorabilia. In fact, when I was a kid I went and bought one of those dive masks that Lloyd Bridges endorsed in the King Scuba ads in SKIN DIVER magazine in the early 1970ís. Iíve actually even visited locations where they shot some of the episodes all those years ago! So for me, itís totally like a dream come true whenever this website does a brilliant homage to it, especially because theyíre so wonderfully hip to scubaphilia, and have cast none other than Mermaid Elise to portray the Sea Hunt Girl in this one!

That big oval mask with her ďold-schoolĒ white bathing cap perfectly re-creates that exact look so often seen on female divers in those episodes. It seems like the caps frequently overlapped dive mask seals in those days, so water in the mask was a very common sight--and actually quite endearingly cute to a lot of viewers! Oh, and her swimsuit is ďspot onĒ for the early 1960s time period that all 155 SH episodes represent, that era when ďscubamaniaĒ became rampant in many places--much of it without doubt related to this television phenomenon.

I agree TOTALLY with Mr. Howland; this video is unparalleled! Iím also one who has seen quite a lot of underwater videos of this nature, and this clip is very special. Hands down, it happens to be among the most captivating double-hose videos Iíve seen, and that has much to do with facts that are these: both the Mermaid and her gear happen to be among the most classically beautiful sights you will ever see underwater. And she's not MERELY a Mermaid--she's part Angel! This vid is almost 9-1/2 minutes of sultry classic scuba moves by one of the most gorgeous models on Earth! What more could a scubaphile possibly want? Well, Iím willing to bet that this website already knows the answer to that exactly, and is going to show us!

Letís admit it...THIS is just like the episode of SEA HUNT that scubaphiles always wanted to see, and OMG, itís in colo(u)r this time! This is one that Iíll watch over and over again, not unlike those old re-runs of the show! Well done, everyone!


Hi Tara,

would like to see a mermaid scuba dive wearing a bikini and using double hose. I think a pink bikini and vintage mask would be neat!


Sorry to have been away for a while ladies.
But, what a time to pick to return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to be careful before I watch this video again, as I am meant to be convalescing!!!!!!!!

I have to say that this has to be one of the all time best of any underwater videos that I have ever seen - and I have seen a LOT!
It is quite simply FANTASTIC!
I just wish I was better with words because those I have used so far don't get anywhere near to how I feel about this video.

Please don't ever stop Tara and elise, no one else out there comes anywhere near to you and aquawomen. I have read the word unique a lot in many of your gallery notes, that is so apt. You truly are totally unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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