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I loved the video I would love to see more videos of duration if would so kind

sexy fins

A CLIP “DEEPLY” ROOTED IN AQUAWOMEN.COM TRADITION! Mermaid Porchia’s video portrayal of the scuba look of the leading lady in “The Deep” is nearly 6 minutes and 40 seconds of her own brand of concentrated “scubaliciousness” that really has the effect of tending to make us forget Jackie Bisset! If you liked Porchia’s recent “Deep” photoset, you’ll just love the underwater moves she displays in this vid!

For anyone who wasn’t yet around in the late 70’s, I can verify that practically NO women divers back then--not even ones that appeared on movie and TV screens--tended to look anything close to as HOT as Porchia does in this clip! Even that white cotton “tee” fits her SO much better than the one that Jackie Bisset used as divewear in “The Deep,” and there are also two other aspects of Porchia’s alluring dive look that are much more...er, let’s just say, transparently obvious! It’s also quite interesting to see just how much more feminine Porchia’s small regulator second stage makes her look in combination with her great big mask!

Porchia has now become VERY cool and confident in scuba, and proves it to us repeatedly as she removes her reg several times during this video! In fact, she first takes it out at about 0.37 into the clip just to say “hi!” And, in true Aquawomen.com style, she sends a couple of cute Mermaid kisses towards our screens, too! This is one very solid and very beautiful underwater performance from a gorgeous young Aquawoman diver that’s certain to warm up scuba fans on the coldest of nights!

THANKS to Aquawomen.com for “deeply” pleasing all of us fans of Mermaid Porchia once again!


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