1970's Cressi FFM Scuba Babe ! - Member Comments

WOW...WHAT A VIDEO!!! This one’s an “instant scubaphile classic” for certain, almost six and-a-half minutes of one of the cutest scuba divers you’ll ever see...playing and swimming underwater in a full face mask. As if it’s not enough that the star of the clip just happens to be Aquawomen.com’s lovely Mermaid Kiki, she’s diving with an absolutely classic kit that includes the Cressi mask that may well be the most widely successful basic FFM of its kind ever to be produced.

Kiki’s dive kit here is perfect in every respect! It’s really not too often that one can find a video clip of such a beautiful underwater model in a full-face scuba mask like this! Fortunately for all the gear-head aficionados among us, Aquawomen.com seem to have at least “one of everything” in near-mint condition, and they constantly demonstrate a respect for the vintage gear that’s so authoritative that, when combined with high-quality HD videography as we see here, the result is a scenario that’s often even better than our own daydreams! I’ve said this before: I swear that Aquawomen.com have somehow found some way to directly “hack” into scubaphiles’ brains!

Much of the first two minutes of this clip allow us a great look at Kiki’s gorgeous arms and legs as she swims close to the camera. Also, that aforementioned challenge of lighting her face sufficiently for us to view her beautiful eyes deep behind that FFM is once again well met here. You can count on this: when it comes to properly lighting their underwater subjects, Aquawomen.com always do it SO much better than the others!

There’s a little “thing” that happens in this clip that’s just so darling and cute; I know some scubaphiles will spot it, even though it probably wasn’t planned! Note how the edges of Kiki’s retro bathing cap underlap into the inside her FFM? That causes a slight “ballooning” effect with small amounts of air from her mask seeping inside her ‘cap for most of the video; maybe it’s just me, but I think the way it looks is absolutely ADORABLE, and I know it’s something that women divers had to put up with “back in the day,” too!

But even more adorable are the “scuba yoga” positions she achieves on the pool bottom at about 3.00! She also gets very playful with her swimsuit straps starting at around 4.25, and for much of the rest of the clip, she allows us to have a really great inspection of certain things other than her dive gear!

Like I said above, WHAT A VIDEO! If you’re a fan of Mermaid Kiki, or just a scuba fan in general, your summer has just gotten WAY hotter tonight! Thanks to all at Aquawomen.com for this superb video clip!


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