1970's Cressi FFM Scuba Babe ! - Pt 2 - Member Comments

THANKS so very much to Aquawomen.com for saving these cool images so that we can have an encore look at the lovely Miss Kiki rockin’ that classic full face scuba mask! She may now have “moved on” from underwater modelling work, but Kiki is surely still swimming in our submerged daydreams!

The “Part One” of these images this past January and the video that resulted from this scenario here in July of 2016 were TOTAL scubaphile delights; THIS set is just every bit as amazing as those were, and it’s great to get one more chance to see Kiki’s energetic moves in that FFM underwater again! And to Kiki, about image 17: WOW, and GESUNDHEIT!

Kudos to Mermaid T for capturing these images so well and creating one more photoset that scubaphiles and bathing cap fans will treasure; and “au revoir” to that amazing Sea Nymph, the divine Miss K!


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