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“…especially to those admirers of the female form wearing a vintage one-piece swimsuit, (that is the female wearing the vintage one-piece swimsuit as opposed to the admirer, of course)…

Don’t ask. Don’t tell… ;-)

Sorry. Still recovering. Limited “type time.” Very nice!
(I just thought of something funny. But it could be considered crass humor, so I won't post it here... ;-)

Thank you Mermaids E & T!


And - the clarity of the water on each image ?
Crystal !



ELISE--A VISION IN CERISE! Another thoroughly gorgeous photoset showcasing one of the world’s best underwater models, the incomparable Mermaid Elise! Still completely stunning in her classic red swimsuit but without swimcap this time around, she gives us some of the best views yet of one of her most outstanding features--that beautiful purple-tinged blonde mane flowing weightlessly under the surface, perfectly befitting the classical Mermaid image that she is so skilled at projecting. Thanks to Mermaids Elise and Tara for another perfectly executed/flawlessly shot underwater photoset of thirty-two incredibly beautiful underwater images. Do you want the truth? The truth is that your work together is supremely better than any of its kind to be found on the Internet...and don’t worry, in this case, we CAN handle the truth!


Hear Hear murmaider !
I'de actually go so far as to say she looks absolutely bloody gorgeous too !
She truly is the woman of my dreams - sigh.......


Mermaid Elise, Aquawomen's very own "Dragon Queen", is really looking fiery HOT in this number!! Bravo!


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