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What a cute , sexy , very pretty scuba diver porchia is , love the dress , love the mask and love the scuba mermaid , what a beauty - really like seeing porchia when she removes her regulator and has purple lipstick - great video and always like aquawomen at christmas


Tara, Will mermaid Porchia be at th Serpentine, Hyde Park for the Christmas Day swim? In SCUBA teasing the other swimmers.

Love HP


VISIONS OF A “SUGAR” WHO PLUMBS THE DEPTHS OF THE POOL IN SCUBA! Wow, Tara was so right, didn’t forget about bringing Christmas cheer to all scuba fans who love this website, too!

(Dear Santa: Never mind about that Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium reg that I asked you to bring me for Christmas...I’ll take a Porchia with fins instead, the scuba model, of course!)

Now, THIS is an underwater video that will ring scubaphile’s bells for at least 12 days and nights! After it opens, the first thing that we see is Mermaid Porchia sending us one beautiful underwater kiss, and then we notice...her lips! THOSE LIPS, WOW! Definitely a shade of “Electric Purple” that’s usually only ever observed during the Northern Lights! And her fins go perfectly with her lips, while her mask matches her outfit. We then get to see her beautiful smile; and after that, another underwater kiss. And that’s merely the start of the action in this fantastic scuba video clip, which gets even more exciting as she displays her enchanting underwater moves.

Those of us who love underwater talking will be absolutely THRILLED at 4.55 into the clip; just watch as the stunning Porchia takes out her reg and verbally wishes us a very clear “Merry Christmas,” one of the clearest and best (and non-obscene) attempts at underwater speech that I’ve ever seen a scuba diver execute.

It’s not quite yet “the night before” as I type this, but the Mermaids at have just made my Christmas! Thanks folks; here’s hoping everyone reading this has a “Very Merry” one!


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