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Here’s where the inspiration for Porchia’s “Aviator” swimcap probably originated: Amelia Earhart, who became an instant newspaper and newsreel sensation when she made the first-ever female solo flight across the Atlantic in 1932:

My, oh my...how can that ‘cap actually be THAT old??? I figured that all of the swimcap fans out there would be posting comments about this vid by now; wouldn’t surprise me if they’re just about regaining consciousness right now; Mermaid Porchia does have that kind of effect on a guy!

Those are really some “wicked awesome” ‘planes and views in your comments posts, as always Ttime! And, yeah, there’s just SOMETHING about that shade of green in the sea (which TOTALLY matches Porchia’s “Aviator”) down there! Although, I really hate the airport in the U.S.V.I.; inbound on a commercial flight, it felt like we were trying to land on an aircraft carrier!


Wow. Photobucket's really starting to cheez me off.

Sorry for the sloppy links, folks. I post here many times. Late. Goofy. Slobbering. Etc. But this time my links were quite diligent but some of them still failed. Not my fault this time, but I'll not mess up these comment fields again.

But than you Mermaids P and T! Loooooooooooove the vintage look and Mermaid P's swimming! Amazing that these are real 1930's swimsuit & cap! Porchia fits them PERFECTLY. YOU ROCK!

If I'm ever so lucky again, I'm DELIGHTED to take "y'all" for a real vintage biplane ride!

Ttime :-) :-)

“…This has to be one for Tt as, believe it or not, the model of Porchia's bathing cap was called an 'Aviator' ! ;-)…”

Oh wow. Wow. Sensory overload. I really don’t know where to start with this. Mermaids. Flying…
First chance I’ve had to actually watch the video tonight. My first reaction, seeing the thumbnail of Mermaid Porchia’s vintage style, and Most Magnificentest Mistress of Ceremonies™ Mermaid Tara’s intro, my initial (visceral) reaction was…

”Come fly with MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

…But now having actually watched the video, my next reaction was MUCH more calm. ”Fly away on my zephyr…”

‘Cuz underwater she glides so well, regardless of her fashion.

Yes Mermaid Porchia. Recalling a previous inquiry of yours, I just want to watch you swim. Really. Yes. So exciting. And soothing (like this). I love it. And Aquawomen’s impeccable ability to capture “y’all” JUST RIGHT. Excitation and inspiration at the same time, eh?

And thank you, Mermaid T, for invoking the Aviator title! Fascinating for a ladies’ swimcap! Noting your 1930’s date references, it was quite common for aviators to wear similarly styled headgear crafted of leather or fabric. Your reference to 1932 brings up an interesting point: Lindbergh became a global superstar crossing the Atlantic in 1929. He appeared in many photos wearing aviator helmets so this might have been a marketing shtick of the time…?

But let’s go back to your swimwear for a moment. I’m especially dazzled by this suit for a style from 1938!?!?!?!? WOW!!!! And it suits Mermaid Porchia sooooooooooo WELL! Remarkably so. Absolutely best vintage suit on Mermaid P to date. I am truly stunned.

Ooooooh, I am feeling the need to break into my “virtual toy box” now! Oh! I am inspired…

Now we all know my fondness for Freshwater Femmes Fatale (aka Water Nymphs) who appear in your Fantasy Fountain of Distraction and Delight™, so well represented by Mermaid Porchia, May we enjoy an original Great Lakes Aircraft Company ride (2T-1 Cirrus from 1929)? With special green trim to match her Aviator™ cap?:

Great Lakes biplane. Wooden airplanes. Iron men.

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder…

How’s this for green, Subby?

“Greatest Lake” I could find, Mermaid Porchia!

Let’s have a good look!

Bright green fields are the best. Short grass. Dry soil. They don’t teach that in flight school anymore, do they?

How about a picnic with Mermaid (Water Nymph) Porchia? :-)

Subby, you are absolutely right about Trunk Bay. I have a flight ready for our Spectacular Sovereign Siren but at the moment my electrical connectors have failed me and I cannot complete it. But this one is for you, Mermaid Tara, as a proper Englishwoman. A Boeing/Stearman PT-17 in the VI’s. Custom painted as a Union Jack. I have worked in the maintenance and paint shops for several of these, and flown them, and that’s how I know about leather helmets and such. These are for you. Sorry sweetherart, they are paltry. Here’s a few previous London shots as well:

…More later.

Ttime :-) :-)

Wow, what a great video! Porchia definitely is a “ringer” for a 1930’s movie “swimgirl” with that bathing cap; her suit is also perfect here. This is exactly the kind of clip that so many of us love to see done by Aquawomen.com, because in addition to the genuine authentic swimwear of the era being worn by one gorgeous underwater model, it “goes one better” than the source material it’s actually based upon, playing out far more spellbindingly than any of those fondly-remembered original aqua-extravaganza scenes in those ancient musicals. After all, those were shot in flat old black & white! THIS clip is so beautiful, and offers so much more of a vivid underwater scenario than we’re used to seeing in those grainy old films that if something like this were to run on the big screen in 2014, it might cause a new kind of movie-going sensation that would result in more than just the aquaphiles in the audience dropping their popcorn!

And, how about the Mermaid who stars in this video? Well, as can easily be seen in this clip, she’s REALLY amazing! Gotta wonder just how many of those old clips that a lady as young as Porchia must have had to watch in order to get into her character! Or, could she just possibly be one of Busby Berkeley’s “gal swimmers” or perhaps an aquatic “extra” from an Esther Williams film somehow re-incarnated a full EIGHTY years after those classic spectacles were first done by Hollywood?

Shot mostly from below and showcasing her beautiful underwater swimming, the camera angles used in this vid really work well to enhance the look of this lovely Mermaid’s arms and legs, making her look totally like the aquatic showgirl, and making us wish that the clip never ends.

Swimcap fans: you’ve just GOTTA see this one! You’ll LOVE this video! Porchia’s cap looks so perfect on her that you’ll think that you’ve gone to Heaven. But, it does appear to feature a very special shade of green that I swear is normally only ever found in certain places on Earth, like something you might see in the Trunk Bay National Park area of the Virgin Islands. I’m not kidding--the green in her ‘cap is THAT unique!


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