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Very cute
love how the fins and mask match


Very nice. I like how the pool is lit in this one... it looks brighter than the other videos, which is easier to view. Porchia is a good UW performer and is at ease in her scuba gear. Although I prefer seductive eye makeup and some lipstick on the scuba/snorkel ladies, I do realize that everyone has their different preferences. Tara, one thing that I would like to suggest: is to have them wear matching earrings in some of these photo shoots (large hoop earrings always accent a scuba lady's beauty).


…Or maybe my FAVOURITE Water Nymph is trying to get on camera again…? Ya know how they are, Mermaid T… ;-)

(… Or jealous of Mermaid P, perhaps? :-O Heaven forbid...! ;-)


Ho there
please give us the instruction video!
when it will be there?


VINTAGE SCUBALICIOUSNESS IN MOTION! Looking for all the world exactly like a young woman sport diver on a warm midsummer day circa mid-1970's or so, Mermaid Porchia shows off her increasingly improving scuba “fin-esse” as she appears to be totally at home underwater while at the same time ultra-hot in classic gear. This is a video that should make fans of vintage scuba feel as if they're right back there “in the day,” a long time before the sensational Aquawoman demonstrating this classic gear was born! Scubaphiles: if you happen to be older, this clip will make you feel young again, at least for the better part of six minutes...OTOH, if you happen to be on the younger side, it just might make you wish that you owned one of those DeLoreans that can travel back in time so that you can reach the era when women geared up like THIS for scuba diving.

One of the great things about this lovely video clip is the way that her cute fins, when combined with the camera angles, tend to make Porchia look even leggier! And despite the lighting glitch that we've been told about, I noticed that it's still easy to see her beautiful eyes in that big mask, and that's probably much of the reason why so many fans of vintage gear just love those “ovals.”

Be sure to watch for one totally AWESOME underwater kiss from Mermaid Porchia at 2:26, and whatever you do, please try to resist the urge to plant one on your monitor in return. This video will definitely warm up the hearts of scubagirl fans during the coldest time of the year!

A big THANKS to the folks at Aquawomen.com-- from the country that developed the concept of “keep calm and carry on”-- for overcoming those tech problems to bring this to us!


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