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You only live twice
Or so it seems
One life for yourself
And one for your dreams

KISSY SUZUKI!!! No, wait...perhaps we need call her “Kissy Suzu-Kiki” (“007” fans will know what I mean!). It’s a fact that over 98% of freediving sea harvesters working in Japan are female. It’s also a fact that the Ama diving women refuse to use scuba, and this is due to technical reasons that go beyond those of tradition. They actually are more efficient at sea harvesting as freedivers than they would ever be if they had to depend on a compressed air source. So, this video is not only a “first,” it’s truly a lovely underwater fantasy for all of us who have long wondered “what would it be like if...”

Kiki is absolutely letter-perfect in her role as a young Ama girl on scuba here, putting on an underwater performance here that will really please scubaphiles; although, traditionalists in Japan may have a “conniption fit” if they see this video, given that it took them decades before they grudgingly accepted the use of wetsuits and freediving fins into their ancient profession.

There’s six minutes of underwater fun in constant motion in this one, and like so many of the best vids, it stars one of their most gorgeous exotic young Mermaids using a offbeat combination of dive gear that’s definitely quite exotic and rare itself. Fans of Kiki: don’t miss her “bubble kisses” at 1.22 and 3.53, or the ultra-cute way she nibbles on her swimsuit at 3.45!

Thanks to the Aquawomen folks for something really new and different here, although perhaps I’ve seen too many Japanese dive magazines--because I, too, have long wondered what it might be like if an Ama girl geared up to dive with scuba; “y’all” must be mind-readers, because I’ve never asked for a scenario like this one or mentioned it to anyone! With this amazing clip, now I know!


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