Happy Thanksgiving 2014 on Video ! - Member Comments

...I'll be additionally thankful once I download this & take a peek. (But my bandwidth is quite busy right now. :-P)

Ttime :-)

What a GREAT video...it sure brought ME out of a tryptophan-induced post-Thanksgiving stupor! This clip is the perfect antidote to the trauma and horror of the zombie-like “Black Friday” shoppers I encountered as they sped diagonally across an icy shopping mall parking lot.

As far as I’m concerned, here we have definite proof of the fact that scuba diving is very soothingly therapeutic for a person, even for anyone who’s only just watching a gorgeous diver like Mermaid Porchia swim underwater!

This really was quite an unexpected bonus for all of us scubaphiles, appearing “hot on the heels” (or rather, fins) of Porchia’s beautiful Turkey Day photoset. And not only do we now get to see her in motion underwater in gear, we even get to hear her verbally greeting us at the start of the clip! Her voice truly sounds as beautiful as she looks! Thank you, Mermaids...you’ve made this weekend so very memorable for scubaphiles everywhere, and we’re VERY thankful for that!


Thanks, Tara.
Wow! Seeing Porchia on video was a surprise, but what a pleasant one. Porchia is a beautiful lady and a confident diver. I noticed she was deliberately showing off the fins. Wonderful and thank you again. Despite their modernity, these fins have a vintage look and would be great with oval mask, twinhose and swimcap (please?)



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