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Hello excellent video I love the close up in the pink flippers 1:40 - 1:50, I like when the heels are about to leave, or if you can in the next videos leave them sexy the fin and swim until the fins are out of the feet and then she puts it again ,please

love scuba

Whenever this website produces an underwater video as a follow-up to a photoset, it’s usually like “icing on the cake.” In the case of THIS clip however, it’s as if those of us who love vintage scuba gear have unexpectedly and quite happily just received more “cake!”

What I’m talking about here specifically are the weightless “slow 360s” that Mermaid Helena performs for the camera during her dive; first at 01.02, and again at 03.45 into the clip. These cool moves allow us to get some excellent views of that beautiful vintage Siebe Gorman twin-hose regulator in use underwater (not to mention lovely views of the totally gorgeous scuba diver who’s demonstrating it to us!). There are such great close-ups of the gear in motion here that if you look carefully, you can even read the inspection date stamps on her scuba cylinder!

I’ve got to agree with Scubasmurf; this vid is definitely an awesome addition to that equally awesome, very enjoyable 1960’s-look scuba photoset; or as one might say, a fitting way to “cap” it! (Sorry, just couldn’t resist that!)


mermaid Helena always looks fabulous underwater ~ love the pink swimsuit ,the twin hose scuba and also the swimming cap - please can you ask this sexy mermaid to try maskless scuba - Helena is so sexy underwater and looks great in the swimsuit - thanks for this awesome video and photo gallery - thanks tara, all the team and the very cheeky cute beautiful hot sexy mermaid Helena


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